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A Blog, for a Dentist?

Writing blog posts can be time consuming, we know. The main trouble dental professionals seem to have with their blog posts is that they don't know what to write about.

Having an active blog is valuable; it helps strengthen your brand, demonstrates your commitment and builds your reputation as an industry leader.

1. Get organised

Getting started with your blog will take some thought but it doesn't have to take too much of your time especially if you have a plan in place. If you talk to patients throughout the day either at reception or in the surgery, start by getting a notebook and taking notes on common questions or concerns asked by patients and this will play a big part in your content plan. Start subscribing to relevant newsletters and blogs that will inspire you to start writing and write a list of industry events such as National Smile month to use as a roadmap for the months ahead.

2.  Think about who you want to read your posts

Don't scare people off with technical languages and constant news on dental treatments. Think about what patients (people) want to read. Advise and share your knowledge, some great topics might include advice for children, shocking myths/facts, tooth fairy stories, practice news and special offers for desirable services such as tooth whitening.

3. Don't post and forget

Think about how people find your blog posts, it is important to keep the momentum going by posting your blog posts across social media pages. Uploading your blog post to Facebook and boosting the post will reach people within your target range and could lead to new patients - it's all about gaining recognition and developing trust in your local community - get people talking!

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