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Are you ready for ‘Mobilegeddon’?

April 21st marks the day that Google changes its search algorithm, 'Mobilegeddon' is set to change the relevance of your website in search results if it's not mobile friendly.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Find out today by clicking here! 

No businesses are exempt from this new algorithm and the movement towards mobile cannot be avoided by any business with an online presence. Having a mobile-friendly website means you won't fall short of customers anytime soon.

Let's look at the facts!

80% of all adults now have Smartphone's and more than 60% of all Google searches come from mobile devices, it's all about better user experience for online customers and all businesses should take this change very seriously. Looking at the trends, mobile searches will likely increase so it makes sense to have a mobile friendly website.

If you rely on your website for targeting and converting patients then mobile optimisation is more important than ever before and without it; your website could get lost in Google search results.

Contact us today for help facing 'Mobilegeddon'.

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