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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Survey Monkey highlights that 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within one hour, when people search for something on their phone they are usually ready to do something about it - it's an impulsive action! So, if someone searches for a dentist on their mobile phone they have a reason for doing so and it's likely that they want to book an appointment. Consider this, a massive 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website before leaving and probably never returning...are you capturing their attention before they leave?

One of the main reasons people leave is because a website isn't responsive to their mobile phone or tablet. Think about it, have you ever gone on a website on your mobile and had to pinch the screen to navigate around the homepage?  It's horrible and usually takes someone with great patience to make the effort!

It's not just about user experience, Google also appreciate responsive web design. Google changed their search algorithm in April so mobile friendly websites are at an advantage with Google ranking. If you haven't heard of 'Mobielgeddon' check out our blog post HERE.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design
- User experience is drastically improved
- Increased conversions
- Google ranking improved
- It's Cost Effective
- Keeps you ahead of competition

Having a responsive website integrated within expert design creates a user experience that ends with results. Don't let something like this be the reason patients leave your website.

For more information on responsive web design and how to get your website up to scratch, contact us today!

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Sources used in this Blog Post: Survey Monkey, 2013 & Hubspot, 2014

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