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Dentistry - What’s Changing?

Dentistry - What's Changing?
It’s an exciting time to be a dentist and being proactive towards changes will welcome many opportunities for your practice. It’s quite amazing when you think of how far dentistry has come, people no longer look in the yellow pages or go to their family dental practice. Consumers now have choices to make and reasons to make choices depending on personal requirements. Cosmetic dentistry has opened the door to a huge array of opportunities for dentists.

Industry changes include:
Consumer Behaviours 
Customers now have their own preferences and choose according to individual needs, there is growing demand for services that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. What’s important to recognise is that customers are now open to change; they want to try new things and benefit from new developments. As a dentist, you should consider this as part of your services in order to gain as many patients as you can.

Technology Advancements 
Technological advancements create new ways of doing things and new ways of communicating with people. An online presence is more important now than ever before and influences patient decisions in many ways. Having a responsive website  and engaging through social media platforms alongside innovative procedures will create lasting success for your practice. Without a website or active social media profiles, how will people find your practice?

Economic Trends
More people are seeking dental care than ever before and it’s not just for a simple check-up. There’s big money in modern dentistry and offering services such as implants, 6 month smiles and veneers can make your practice very attractive. With service alternatives continuing to emerge and interests shifting from price to value as key selling points, you can utilise service offerings and marketing to take advantage of current economic trends.

If you have any questions about industry changes and advice on changes you should make, feel free to contact us anytime. Call us on 028 90 923313 today!

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