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Get Social This Easter

Easters just around the corner which means patients young and old will be enjoying plenty of chocolate eggs this weekend. It's once a year and people deserve to indulge every now and again so what can you do to make sure people are looking after their teeth over the Easter holidays.

Firstly, let's remind patients that whilst the Easter Eggs are delicious, they are full of sugar that can lead to oral health issues. Here are a few key messages you should promote on social media over the next few days:

1) Make healthy Easter treats around Easter Sunday, encourage parents to keep kids healthy by baking some of these yummy recipes: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2017/04/10/healthy-easter-recipes/

2) Focus on more creative Easter activities, instead of focusing all attention on Easter Eggs. At your practice, have some fun coloring pages and make suggestions on your Facebook page. Fun activates may include creating Easter bonnets or at home crafts such as Easter trees.

3) Encourage patients to give dark chocolate a go and explain why it's the better option.

4) Educate people; let them know how much sugar is in their Easter Eggs. For example, many popular chocolate Easter Eggs are 55-65% sugar!!

5) Many people probably don't realise that it's better to eat sweet treats at mealtimes rather than snacking throughout the day.

6) Encourage patients to book post-Easter checkups for the family.

7) Let people know when your practice will be closed for Easter and provide emergency contact dentals.

8) Lastly, wish patients a lovely Easter with family and friends.

Happy Easter from Just Dental Marketing :)

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