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Halloween at your Dental Practice

Halloween is a great time to engage with your patients on social media, but more importantly it's a great opportunity to educate people about their oral health care. If you are on social media, start promoting your treatments, give advice and have fun over the Halloween period.  

- Download our free colouring pages and set them in your waiting room to keep younger patients occupied before their appointment.  Halloween decorations and activities can help children feel more comfortable about being at the dentist.
This of course isn't only for Halloween; keep your practice waiting room 'child friendly' throughout the year. The dentist doesn't have to be a scary place!

- Share advice on keeping your teeth clean and healthy over Halloween, children look forward to filling up on treats and travel around the doors collecting sweets. You have the opportunity to show parents how to teach their children about oral care to avoid tooth decay. We have a number of 'Top Tip' graphics on our Facebook page that you are free to use as part of your Halloween strategy.  Check them out here>>

- There are lots of great healthy recipes available online, why not share them with your patients or make some at your practice if you are having a Halloween fun day! From ghostly bananas and pumpkin oranges' you can create fun and promote your key messages at the same time.

- The beginning of November can be a great time to promote dental appointments, once the Halloween break is over many parents may want to get their children's teeth checked. Promote online booking systems or ask people to PM you on Facebook to book appointments.

Happy Halloween from Just Dental!

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