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How Important Is Good Content?

How Important Is Good Content?
Content is king in marketing and that's no different for dental marketing. Marketing can be a tricky subject; it's not a one time job and requires commitment to receive valuable results. Content marketing is something that all dental practices should think about and here's why...

Traditional Marketing
- Attention is held for a short time
- Some people see it as an interruption
- The value isn't always clear to the customer
- It can be expensive and not always successful

Content Marketing
- You can educate patients through social media and blog posts
- Creates loyalty when sharing advice and knowledge
- Engage with patients and create relationships
- Provides valuable information that people WANT

Ask yourself the following questions;

- Are you ranked highly enough for people to find you?
- Does your content answer their questions?
- Are your marketing channels converting potential patients to real ones?
- Are you utilising the power of social media?

Good content creates VALUE for your practice. Put yourself in your patient's shoes and write content with the end reader in mind. Google will reward you for using individual content so don't be afraid to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise throughout your websites content. Ranking highly on Google is extremely important; customers are likely to click the first few results rather than scrolling down Google's search results - people trust that Google will give them the best results to their questions.

Content marketing creates social engagement and credibility, raises your online profile and ultimately impacts the number of patients walking through your doors.

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