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LinkedIn For Dentists

LinkedIn for Dentists

Do you have a LinkedIn page? Is it a personal or business page?

For those who aren't sure about LinkedIn, it is a social media platform that helps business individuals expand their network of business connections and discover professional opportunities that can help grow their business and personal credibility. So, why would a dentist need LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn platform enables dental professionals to engage with each other, and thrive in the new ever changing and growing dental industry. Learning and growing is part of your role as a dentist and LinkedIn will help you keep on top of new technologies, marketing and dental news and its right at your fingertips ready to share, comment or even put your own spin on for your personal blogging.

Let's look at the benefits of LinkedIn -

Networking Connect and network with likeminded people; learn from others and let others learn from you.

Acquire new patients Keeping up to date with relevant industry news can help demonstrate your commitment to your patients, share this knowledge across all social media platforms.

Dental Marketing There's heaps of dental marketing groups to join on LinkedIn where you can find great marketing tips for your practice and share your own experiences with other dental professionals.

Expand customer relationships Most business professionals are on LinkedIn and use LinkedIn for sourcing information and engaging with other professionals. 

Get Answers With useful blog posts updated daily by people across the world you can source information at any time.

Find Talent Use LinkedIn to share job vacancies and target specific people that you believe would have a good impact on your practice.

If you are interested in developing your social media strategy and need help with content, we can help develop a detailed, engaging and educating content plan each month so you don't have to. Contact us on 028 9092 3313 or email info@justdentalmarketing.com today!

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