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The Importance of Google Reviews

If you haven’t heard of them yet, or noticed them the last time you performed a Google search, now is a perfect time to embrace Google Reviews. Now that Google ‘Page 1’ is considered a standard practice, your website content should be created with Google's algorithm in mind, but what happens when everyone is fighting for the same spot?….What get’s you placed above all those other organic listings…yes, you guessed it – Google Reviews.

Top Tips when seeking Google Reviews...

- Our first tip is pretty straight forward, simply ASK. Ask patients how they felt during their treatment and then ask them if they would mind writing it up on Google for everyone to see.  

- Have a link to your Google+ page on your practices website.  

- Encourage patients to write reviews on your social media profiles.

- Do you send an email newsletter? If so, show your subscribers what reviews you already have and give the option to write reviews on their personal experiences at your practice.

- Always respond to reviews, acknowledge that people have taken the time to write a review whether it's good or bad.

- Save your reviews, you don't own any on the reviews people place on Google so we recommend saving all reviews and using the best ones as testimonials on your website with the patients approval of course.

- Consider all reviews as valuable information, you might find out things about your practice that you didn't know before - use this valuable information and make informed decisions to improve your practice every day.

Google reviews are becoming increasingly more important particularly within the dental industry. Asking patients to write what they think of you might seem a little daunting at first but think about it, patients visit you for a reason so why not let them shout those reasons from the roof tops. It only takes 4-5 reviews for you to start appearing in Google search results so why not start by getting your patients to write reviews today!

Let's look at some of the benefits...

Online reviews are written by your patients, this helps define an image for your practice and great reviews are exactly what people look for. Just think, before booking a holiday you probably read reviews on websites such as Trip Advisor; it's the same for patients looking for a new dentist.
Google's search algorithm will appreciate reviews so your SEO is boosted. Google will look at things like the quality and content of reviews and rank you higher in Google search results.
When you're ranking higher in Google, people will notice you and reviews will create interest. The likelihood of visits to your website will then increase.

If we have worked with you before and want to show us some love, why not write a review for us HERE.

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