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Trick or Treat… Avoiding frightful teeth!

Trick or Treat... Avoiding frightful teeth!
It's that time of the year again where witches, vampires, monsters and more start knocking on your door demanding treats!

So, how can we prevent children from getting 'Frightful Teeth' this Halloween? We have some great tips to help keep children's teeth healthy during the Halloween holidays!

  • Buying sweets in advance just increases temptation - Try not to get carried away!
  • Avoid sugary drinks at home - Soft drinks and fruit juices are filled with sugar that clings to your children's teeth. Water is best for everyone and should be encouraged from a young age.
  • Hard sweets can get stuck in teeth and cause cavities so if possible avoid them
  • Watch what your children have in their trick or treat bags and take out any tough sweets, they probably won't even notice your doing it.  
  • Keep treats in sealed containers so you can monitor your kid's intake.
  • Turn some healthy treats into Halloween fun - Turn oranges into little pumpkins.
  • Halloween is the perfect time to teach children about looking after their teeth, brushing and flossing should be encouraged twice a day.
  • Take your children to the dentist for a visit after Halloween to catch any cavities or problems early.
  • Most importantly... HAVE FUN we only get to trick or treat once a year :)

Halloween is a great time to teach children about oral health care and talk about visiting the dentist regularly. Limiting the amount of sugar intake your children have is important for their overall health and helps set them up for a bright future.

Have a fantastic Halloween from the team at JUST Dental :)
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