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Use Marketing To Calm Nervous Children

Use Marketing To Calm Nervous Children

How do you feel about young patients? Do you hate the idea of having to calm down a nervous child or is it something you feel that your practice is particularly good at? Whatever your answer is, we thought we could help minimise how nervous children might be at your practice.

Get creative and make your dental practice a magical place that helps young children feel welcome, safe and happy.

We have thought of a few ideas that can help!

- Make sure your website appeals to parents of young children; you can include printable colouring sheets, pictures and videos of young patients and your dental practice. If you really want to impress parents and children why not include regular updates from the Tooth Fairy? 

- Take advantage of social media, you can use Facebook and other profiles to target and educate parents. Use social media to share relevant dental news, share honest product reviews and tips and tricks for oral health. The most important thing to remember about social media is that it is best used to educate your target audience, showcase your knowledge and expertise everyday through imagery and informative posts. For example; educate parents about the hidden sugars in their children's favorite food and drinks and show people how to look after tiny teeth.

- Take part in the community; build a strong reputation within your local community by distributing leaflets and flyers around parent groups and day care centers. Or, take it a step further by creating a school dental program and invite school classes to visit your practice.

- A bright, welcoming waiting room will not only make children feel better about being at the dentist, it will relax new or nervous patients and brighten up your staff's day. Toys, colouring and Tooth Fairy news can turn your waiting room into a sparkly place that they won't want to leave.

We can help with any marketing needs you may have, contact us anytime for more information. Call 028 9092 3313 or Email info@justdentalmarketing.com today!

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