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What Is User Experience?

What Is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) defines the way a person feels about using a particular product or service. This is particularly important in website design; a user's interaction on your website defines the opinion and perception they create about your practice. User Experience incorporates a number of elements that build a users attitude and likelihood of booking appointments.

It may be strange to think about a website as a tool for winning over new patients but, living in a digital world where everything is online; businesses are required to meet demands in order to compete. Why would this be any different for dental professionals? What happens if people search for a practice in your local area and you're not there to be found or maybe you are but your website is dated...

What should you consider when building user experience?
- Navigation and Usability: Can they navigate between pages easily and find the information they need to know?
- Relevant Content: Regularly update your websites content.
- Visual Design: Design is an integral aspect of UX, a modern website is something to be proud of.
- Usefulness: Can people find the answers to the questions they have?
- Easy to Find in Search Engines: Do you have SEO in place so people can find your website online?

Optimising user experience has a number of tangible benefits that you can reap! Optimising your online presence increases patient loyalty, website conversion rates and most importantly patient satisfaction.

If you feel that your website is dated and lacks the modern integration that people expect, call us today to discuss options and start developing your user experience optimisation.

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