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Technology Changes Everything

Technology Changes Everything
Dentistry is an increasingly competitive market with a large number of practices in different locations targeting the same patients. Marketing your practice can help you stand out from the crowd and a well-developed website and marketing strategy can work wonders.

The online world introduces a number of opportunities for many companies and that certainly doesn't exclude dentists. Marketing your practice can make a massive difference to the number of patients walking through your doors.  

So, what kind of marketing should you be using?

Social Media 
Engaging with existing and potential patients can raise your profile and help build relationships. You can use social media to show your quirky side or share your experiences and knowledge. Letting patients engage with you outside of the dental chair can help calm nervous patients and make people feel more comfortable with you as their dentist.

Responsive Website Design 
Having a well designed website is highly valued by consumers, it creates a more trusting relationship. Your online presence should be a priority when targeting new patients as it creates the very first impression and people will leave your website if they aren't happy with the information or navigation.

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO will help increase awareness and drive people to your website, effective SEO mixed together with a responsive website design will likely result in a conversion. Search Engine Optimisation ranks your page higher in Google's 'Organic' results, increasing the likelihood of a click on your website. 

Google AdWords
Pay per click is a great tool for targeting specific people, you can choose keywords that you think people might search for and only pay for clicks on your Ads. Keywords can be chosen to suit you in order to ensure maximum conversion results. This is great when you want instant results from a marketing campaign.

Branding and Graphic Design
Add personality and consistency across all marketing collateral, making your practice unique and individual sparks patient interest. A strong brand image can create trust, loyalty and it gets people talking about you. 

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