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Facial Line Softening

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Facial Line Softening

The Project

Facial Line Softening offers a range of cosmetic treatment services, including Botox and chemical peels, to patients throughout the north of Ireland. It was spun out of Moira Dental Care in 2010, having built up a sizeable customer base. This required a new web presence to reflect its existing branding.

“Having a strong web profile is essential in the cosmetic treatment business because word of mouth is practically non-existent. Few people want to be vocal about having had treatment so we need robust channels to reach potential patients,” explains Dr Marilyn Todd. “In addition, when I first started offering these treatments in 2005, there were perhaps half a dozen similar practitioners in Northern Ireland. Now there are hundreds so staying competitive is crucial – having an effective web presence is key to success.”

Moira Dental Care had for years relied on Just Dental to manage its web presence so it was the natural partner for this new endeavour. Just Dental created a fresh, classical website that mirrored the logo and branding that Marilyn and her team had already created.

The Outcome

“Just Dental took our logo and colour schemes and produced a lovely, very visual website that captures attention while also providing regular news updates as well as all the information you would expect,” adds Marilyn. “Now 70 per cent of new patients find us online via search engines. Just Dental's SEO capability helps them find us while the usability of the website encourages them to pick up the phone.”

Just Dental provides regular audits of Internet traffic and discovered recently that most visitors were actually using mobile devices. That led to a subtle revamp of the site to make it more mobile-friendly. They are also looking at ways they can discreetly introduce social media elements.

“With search companies shifting the parameters in terms of giving more weight to social media, Just Dental will help us integrate such aspects to the site to ensure we remain prominent when people are looking for cosmetic treatments,” concludes Marilyn. “That’s the great thing about Just Dental – they constantly review performance and track behaviour to keep us ahead of the game.”




The great thing about Just Dental - they constantly review performance and track behaviour to keep us ahead of the game.

Dr Marilyn Todd Practitioner Facial Line Softening,
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