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Looking after your teeth this Christmas - More Grins and less Grinch!

Looking after your teeth this Christmas...

Christmas is a time that we all enjoy a delicious treats like chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, sweets and more.

  • Remember that treats with high sugar content such as mince pies can stick to your teeth.
  • Don't forget your morning and night routine and never forget to enforce it within your house. Children may get caught up in all the excitement and forget to brush their teeth.
  • If you go out to enjoy some festivities, make sure you brush your teeth before bed. Alcohol and sugary drinks can cause damage.
  • Have a cheeseboard, cheese is great for your teeth because it restores the natural acid balance and it's a great savoury option after all the sugary treats. 
  • Schedule a dental appointment.
  • We've all seen it; people opening their beer bottles with their teeth... all we can say is don't do it. The damage is much worse that the thrill of a cool party trick.

    [Source: British Dental Health Foundation]
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