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Social Media

Captivate, inform and engage your practice's audience with social media marketing.

Find yourself stuck with the same social media content and imagery as last year and the year before that? When was your last update?

Social networks offer a number of benefits that can have a huge impact on your practice. It offers a 24 hour place to go for information and conversations, managing patient relationships should involve more than a chat when your patients come in for a check-up, it should be ongoing to maximise retention and referrals. Social media is definitely a game changer for dental practices and offers you the chance to make a real difference; practices that maintain an active social media presence experience a higher level of patient loyalty, repeat business and public perception.

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Whether working on a multi-platform social media campaign for serious social media players or consulting on strategic outreach efforts for local practices, we understand that engaging fickle audiences requires more than just endless self-promotion. By integrating topics and messages that relate to your services or products, we're able to add real value for your friends and followers and, in the process, help create a strong affinity and audience around your practice and brand. The individual touch is important to us using your language, your tone and your values.

Social media is a powerful mechanism in the modern marketing world and will increase practice recognition whilst improving patient loyalty. Patients can be made to feel like part of a community where they can share ideas and receive advice. Social media provides you with opportunities to showcase your work and knowledge of the industry so people know you are a reliable practice with patients needs in mind.

Some things we might look into:

  • Run competitions
  • Share knowledge
  • Showcase work
  • Testimonials
  • Introduce your team

Don't fall behind with something like Social Media, it is easy to set up and makes all the difference...

View Our Social Media Packages Starting From £125 per month

Social Media Packages

Facebook Advertising

Reaching new people online is easy when using Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is effective when directing people to a unique page to avail of an offer and ultimately increase conversions. Facebook ads can be fully tracked and the performance monitored and reported back to you. Contact us today to find out more about Facebook advertising for your dental, orthodontic or facial aesthetic practice.

Our newsletters include relevant industry news, practice news, treatments, offers and information.

The initial design and build of a newsletter is £250 +VAT.
Each issue will cost £175 +VAT.

Your practice is online... But how is it performing?

Request your free health check(s) today to find out and get advice on how you can make improvements.

  • Practice Website
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation

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